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Department of Marine–Inland Waters Sciences and Technology

Head of Department: Prof.Dr. Alper DOĞAN
Vice Head of Department: Prof.Dr. Özlem ÇAKAL ARSLAN
Vice Head of Department: Assoc.Prof.Dr. Aslı  BAŞARAN

Ege University Faculty of Fisheries Department of Marine-Inland Waters Science and Technology was founded by academic staffs of Hydrobiology section, Biology Department, Faculty of Science in 1992. Then, with the participation of the faculty graduates, the academic staffs have grown to the current position. It continues to provide practical training at the undergraduate and graduate level with the specialist academic staff. The department consists of three sections including Fisheries Biology, Marine Biology and Inland Waters Sciences. In this department, the scientific studies and projects have been carried out related to the marine and inland waters in Turkey. The scope of these researches and projects can be divided into the following areas: fish biology and ecology, ichthyoplankton (fish eggs and larvae), aquatic reptiles, birds and mammals, benthos, plankton, water quality and chemistry, ecotoxicology, ecotechnology, ecobiotest, limnology (including lakes, dams, wetlands, streams and lagoons), biodiversity, and conservation and sustainable use of existing stocks. In addition to national and international research projects, reporting activities and research projects requested by the public and private sectors are successfully carried out. Furthermore, the education activities at master's and doctoral level within the Marine-Inland Waters Sciences Programme affiliated to the Institute of Sciences have been continuous. There are a lot of textbooks, articles and educational materials published by faculty members and staff.

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