Çerez Örnek

Message of the Dean

Faculty of Fisheries is one of the 15 faculties of Ege University which is ongoing Educational activities. The faculty, which started its activities in 1982 as a High School (Fisheries High School established in accordance with the Decree Law no. 41), was transformed into a faculty with the Law no. 3837 in 11.7.1992. The main aim of the faculty is to equip and practice the students with the necessary knowledge to train technical personnel (Fisheries Engineer) who have technological knowledge in the fields of marine and inland water sciences, fisheries, seafood processing technology and aquaculture. Faculty is dealing environmental problems in the aquatic environment, fishermen and fisheries enterprises in the application of the problems encountered in the application, and makes necessary research and studies to bring solutions. In addition, it has made important studies on the initiation and development of aquaculture in our country and efforts are continuing intensively for the development of this sector. Classrooms and laboratories located in Bornova campus, Research and Application Unit in Urla, HOMA Research Training and Practice Lagoon is located nearby Çiğli-Çamaltı area and also research and education is going on by R/V EGESUF research ships. It is one of the leading educational and research institutions of our country with its scientific papers and numerous research, analysis and articles published since its establishment. In addition, it has the responsibility of being a leading faculty that contributes to the establishment and development of other Fisheries Faculties in Turkey. 

Our faculty with its strong researcher body, combine 84 Academician who are specialized in their field and continues with research and educational activities. (39 Professor, 40 Assoc. Professor, 5 Assistant Professor), 20 research assistants, 3 PhD. Instructor, 3 Engineer and 3 Technician). There are 403 active undergraduate students, 79 PhD students and 140 graduate students. It has 3 departments and 7 sections. 

With experience and knowledge of over 35yıl between the Faculty of Fisheries we take first place in Turkey. In addition, we attach importance to providing practical training to our students with 3 research laboratories where we conduct R & D studies and 27 research and practice laboratories in the faculty building. And we have scientific materials which are used to archive Turkey's fish ecosystem samples and information on site. 

Distinguished students;

Our students who prefer and choose our faculty, you will meet the traditions of Ege University which are coming from more than half a century and you will experience the honor and pride of studying in the most distinguished and pioneering faculty of our country. During your four years’ education, you will be trained as a young fisheries engineers who are compatible with the sector and equipped with the world and can compete with the world by applying a training program that will recognize all aspects of the water environment in Turkey's first established and biggest Fisheries Faculty.

With the education and training activities in our faculty, as being ’Fisheries Engineer’ you will have practical knowledge about utilizing our country's water resources in line with our needs and sustainable management.

As an innovative and competitive Fisheries Engineer equipped with universal and up-to-date information, you will work in the local sector, in particular the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and the private sector.

During your education, you will benefit from our new and modern classrooms and student laboratories as well as our R / V EGESÜF research vessel with Urla Unit and Homa Research and Application Lagoon connected to our faculty.

With all these feelings and thoughts, I would like to express my respect and affection to over 3500 graduates, over 400 current students and young engineer candidates who will prefer our faculty…

Prof. Dr. Uğur SUNLU


Ege Üniversitesi