Çerez Örnek

Graduation Procedures

Dear Students
Before applying for graduation; after logging in to "Aegean SSO", you need to click on the "Graduation Procedures - Dismissal" button and make an attachment for graduation. You will be asked to verify your e-mail address while doing this. At the end of the process, you will be given a downloadable document. With this document, you need to print and fill out the "Graduation Request Form" below, take 2 passport size photos, photocopy of your identity card and the original of your student ID card and apply to the Student Affairs Office of our Faculty. Those who are out of the city; The documents at the end of the dismissal process, graduation request form, 2 passport size photographs, photocopy of identity card and the originals of the student ID can be put in an envelope and sent by mail / cargo to "Erzene Mah., Ege University, Faculty of Aquaculture Dean's Office Building (New Building), Student Affairs Office Floor -1 Bornova / İZMİR". Graduation procedures will not be initiated for those who do not dismiss from the system and do not declare the original student ID.
Documents required for Graduation Procedures;
1 - The document given at the end of the dismissal process. (It must be downloaded from the system at the end of the process)
2 - Graduation Request Form.
3 - Two passport size photographs (it does not matter if they are not biometric)
4 - Photocopy of identity card (front and back)
5 - Original Student ID card.

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