Çerez Örnek


The Faculty of Fisheries is one of the 17 faculties that continue its education and training activities within Ege University. In 1982, the faculty started its activities as a Higher School (School of Aquaculture established in accordance with the Decree Law No. 41) and was transformed into a Faculty with the Law No. 3837 adopted on 11.7.1992. The main aim of the Faculty is to equip the faculty with the necessary knowledge and practices to train technical staff (Aquaculture Engineers) who have technological knowledge in the fields of marine and inland water sciences, fisheries, aquaculture and aquaculture. The Faculty carries out the necessary research and studies to identify the environmental problems in the aquatic environment, the problems arising in practice related to fishermen and aquaculture enterprises and to propose solutions. In this context, it has graduated over 3300 students in total in 36 periods from 1986 to the present day. In our country, important efforts have been made for the start and development of aquaculture and efforts have been made for the formation of this sector. In addition to the Bornova campus, it continues its activities in the Research and Application Unit in Urla, R/V Egesüf Research vessel, HOMA (SÜFA) Research, Education and Application Dive located near Çiğli-Çamaltı Tuzlası. It is one of the leading teaching and research institutions of our country with its textbooks, numerous researches, reviews and articles published since its establishment. In addition, it bears the responsibility of being the leading faculty that contributes to the establishment and development of other Fisheries Faculties established in our country. With its strong research infrastructure, our faculty continues its education and research activities with 81 faculty members (46 Professors, 31 Associate Professors, 4 Assistant Professors), 17 Research Assistants, 3 Assistant Professors, 1 engineer and 3 technicians. It has a total of 362 registered students. It has 3 Departments and 7 Divisions. In addition, within the scope of E.Ü. Institute of Natural and Applied Sciences, education and research activities continue under 3 postgraduate departments and there are 62 PhD students and 82 Master's students.

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