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Ege University Faculty of Fisheries Principles for Opening and Execution of Option Program

Article 1- These Principles cover the provisions related to the issues that are not included in Ege University Education and Training Regulations and need to be explained. It covers the principles to be taken into account in the admission of students to the "Option Programs" to be given in various fields starting from the 7th semester of Ege University Faculty of Aquaculture and the implementation of Option Programs.
Article 2 - Option Program is the name given to the program offered to students who have passed the 4th grade in the Major Program and consists of courses in the fields of specialization within the scope of the departments within the Faculty.  Option Program does not mean a separate undergraduate program. It shows that students who receive a bachelor's degree from the departments within the Faculty gain expertise in the relevant field. 
Article 3-These Principles have been prepared on the basis of Ege University legislation. 
Opening of the Option Program Application and Admission Requirements Article
4- In order for a student to take part in the Option Program, he/she must be in the 4th grade in the Major Program and have a GPA of at least 2.00 out of 4.00. Faculty orientation programs are as follows.
a.) Marine Inland Water Sciences and Technology Program
b.) Aquaculture Program
c.) Aquaculture and Processing Technology Program
Article 5. Faculty undergraduate education is organized as common compulsory courses in the first 2 semesters. In the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th semesters, there are common and elective courses, and in the 7th and 8th semesters, there are elective courses concurrently with the directive compulsory program courses.
Article 6. Directive program courses are the courses that students enrolled in independent programs in the curriculum are obliged to take.
Article 7- The transition of students to directive programs is made according to the following principles;
a. The petitions of the students who will apply to each program are received by the Dean's Office of Student Affairs until the announced date.
b. Students who have the right to enroll in the programs apply to the Dean's Office with a petition with 3 preferences indicating which education program of the Faculty they want to continue from the 7th semester until the end of June. These applications are evaluated by the Education Commission according to the principles specified in subparagraph (c) of this article after the grades of the students are reflected in their transcripts and are proposed to the Board of Directors and finalized with the decision of the board. Students who have not submitted a curriculum preference petition by the end of June are placed in programs whose quota is not filled.
c. If the number of applicants who make the first preference for a program of a department does not exceed the number determined for the relevant program, students are placed according to their first preferences. However, if the number of applicants who apply to the programs of the Faculty as their first choice exceeds the quota of those programs, the placement of students in the programs is as follows;
c. 1. The number of students who apply to any program of the Faculty are placed in order according to their weighted grade point averages after calculating the weighted grade point averages of their courses in the first six semesters as stated in the "E.Ü. Directive on Measurement and Evaluation Principles".
c. 2. Students are first placed in programs in order of points, taking into account their preferences. If the fractional part of the grade point averages of the students who are candidates for placement in this program are equal, the one with the higher Faculty enrollment score is given priority.
c. 3. All procedures related to transfers to programs are completed until the registration renewals at the beginning of the semester. Students have to register for the 7th semester according to the education programs they are placed in.
Article 8-Course registration to the Faculty is made through the Rectorate Student Registration System within the period announced by the Rectorate. 
Success and Graduation
Article 9- The conditions for success and graduation in the Option Program are stated below.  
a) Teaching in the Option Program is carried out within the scope of the regulations and directives applied in the Major Program and within the legal period stipulated for the Major Program.  
b) No separate report card and transcript are issued for the Option Program. The courses taken by the students are recorded on the Major Program transcript and the name of the Option Program is indicated on their transcripts.  
c) Students enrolled in the Option Program are obliged to complete their education in this program.  Students cannot leave the program afterwards.
Article 10-An advisor is appointed by the Dean among the faculty members for the student who is enrolled in the faculty, to be valid during the period of enrollment.
The advisor takes care of the student's social and economic situation, especially education and training issues. The advisor monitors the student's success status and guides the course registrations by taking into account the course load that the student can carry at the beginning of the semester. The approval of the advisor is sought for course enrollment and deletion. It also assumes an enlightening role in determining the program that the student will prefer for the 7th and 8th semesters.

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