Çerez Örnek

Mission and Vision

The main purpose of the faculty is to equip them with the necessary information to train technicians (Aquaculture Engineer) in the areas of marine and inland water science, fisheries, aquaculture processing technology and aquaculture. The faculty conducts necessary research and studies in order to determine the problems in practice related to the environmental problems in the aquatic environment, fishermen and fisheries enterprises and to bring the solution proposals. In our country, aquaculture has been in significant work in the beginning and development of the aquaculture, and efforts have been made to form this sector.  Faculty of Fisheries can work in various units of the MINISTRY OF FOOD, AGRICULTURE AND LIVESTOCK and various other public institutions, fishery and fishery production enterprises, including public institutions, private organizations and businesses.  Besides the Bornova campus, the Marine Fish Aquaculture Training and Application Unit located in Urla, continues its activities in the HOMA Research Training and Practice Area located near the Salts of Çiğli-Çamaltı. Since its inception, the textbooks are among the leading teaching and research institutions in the country with numerous research, reviews and articles, and carry the responsibility and happiness of being the "main faculty" that contributes to the establishment and development of other Aquaculture faculties.

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