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Faculty of Fisheries

Seafood Processing Technology Section

Head of Section: Prof.Dr. Şükran Çaklı

Seafood processing technology section is composed of 2 professors, 4 associative professors, 1 assistant professor, 2 research assistants and 1 technician. The department encompasses a wide range of activities including education facilities and scientific researches. Scientific researches contribute to both private sector and literature. The department aims to research and   gives education based on seafood quality, determination of chemical composition, new packaging technologies, product development and quality improvement, by- product technology, food chemistry and microbiology, food safety and quality systems. Chemical, microbiological, sensory, texture and enzyme analyses are done in the department. The education and research activity within the department is conducted in 2 microbiology and 3 chemical laboratories. Seafood Processing Department has been a member of WEFTA (West European Fish Technologists Association) as a Turkish representative since 2004.

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Name Phone
Prof.Dr. Şükran ÇAKLI +90 (232) 311 1300
Prof.Dr. Ufuk ÇELİK +90 (232) 311 3811
Prof.Dr. Berna KILINÇ +90 (232) 311 5230
Prof.Dr. Aslı CADUN YÜNLÜ +90 (232) 311 1310
Prof.Dr. M. Tolga DİNÇER +90 (232) 311 5229
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Şebnem TOLASA +90 (232) 311 1298
Dr. Lecturer. Üyesi Can ALTINELATAMAN +90 (232) 311 3816
Dr. Burcu Evren ŞEN YILMAZ +90 (232) 311 5228
Res.Dr. Ömer Alper ERDEM +90 (232) 311 5228