Çerez Örnek

Research & Consultancy Services

We provide consultancy and research services to our faculty, private sector and public institutions in the following fields of study.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Biologic Monitoring
  • Water Chemistry Analysis
  • Ecotoxicity Tests
  • Locate and Monitoring of Aquaculture Fields
  • Observation of Growth Performance of Reared and/or Cultivated Species
  • Consultancy Services on the Production of Bivalve Species
  • Biodiesel Production from Algae
  • Production of aquarium plants
  • Aquarium Fish Production
  • Genetic breeding and selection studies in commercial fish species populations
  • Diagnosis and treatment of fish diseases
  • Analysis and Interpretation of Feed and Feed Raw Materials
  • Projecting and Monitoring of Aquaculture Feed Production Plants
  • Fish Feeding Systems and Monitoring in Production Stages
  • Production of Aquaculture Feeds and Quality Evaluation
  • Aquatic Processing Techniques
  • Application of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) in Aquaculture Industry
  • Quality Control Analysis in Aquaculture (chemical, physical, sensory and microbiological)
  • Shelf Life of Processed Water Products
  • Consultancy service to Ministries, Local Governments and Civil Society Organizations in Artificial Reef 
  • Project Applications
  • Informing Fishermen and Fisheries Organizations and Raising Awareness of Legislation Related to
  • Fisheries in the Process of Harmonization with the European Union
  • Research support in areas needed by the fisheries sector

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