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Fish Capture and Seafood Processing Technology Department

Fishing Technology Section

Head of Section: Prof. Dr. Okan AKYOL

Fishing Technology Section is comprised of 11 professors, 6 associate professors and 1 lecturer. The main study areas are commercial and amateur fishery, improvement of fishing gears and fishing methods, selectivity of fishing gears, fish behaviors and survival ratios, population dynamics and fish stock assessments, artificial reef applications, capture-based aquaculture (tuna fish), acoustic telemetry, remote sensing and geographical information systems (GIS), interaction between small-scale fishery and aquaculture, fish traps and lagoon fishery, marine protected areas, interaction between fishery and marine mammals, fishing vessels and their gears, fishery cooperatives, fish markets and marketing, fishing policies, gender mainstreaming and fishery, fisheries economy and management. Our department does not educate only undergraduate students, but graduate (MSc-PhD) and vocational school students as well. Scientific studies and lectures are carried on the faculty’s own research vessel at sea and in the faculty laboratories, as well as in cooperatives, fish markets, commercial fishing vessels in collaboration with fishermen as an important part of the education. There have been many completed and ongoing projects (EU, TÜBİTAK, TAGEM, İZKA) in our department. Our department has exported many academics to several fisheries technology departments of different universities and aims to train well-developed specialists for the sector and universities. Department of Fishing Technology is also contributing not only to the development but also to the management of the sector by sending academics as members to authorities and nongovernmental organizations such as: Fisheries regulation meetings conducted by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock-Directorate General of Fisheries and Aquaculture; Specialized fisheries commission of Ministry of Development as a part of five-year development plan; Scientific Advisory Committee of the Central Union of Fisheries Cooperatives. Distinguished academics of our department have been communicating with the sector and societies in the manner of ethic and civil responsibility, attending to many national and international meetings every year, and, at the same time, play a lead role in the organization of such scientific events in our country. Members of our department take place in the scientific and organization committees of workshops, symposiums and congresses. They are also invited as speakers to national and international organizations. Books and chapters written or edited by the members of our department have attracted attention in the fisheries sector, and scientific papers authored by our academics in important international journals have been referred to countless times. Correspondingly, our members have been partaking in many national and international commissions and in editorial boards of scientific journals. Academics of our department aim to work for the benefit of our students and the society by sharing their knowledge and sectorial experiences.


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Name Phone
Prof.Dr. Adnan TOKAÇ +90 (232) 311 1307
Prof.Dr. H. Tuncay KINACIGİL +90 (232) 311 1308
Prof.Dr. Ali KARA +90 (232) 311 1302
Prof.Dr. Altan LÖK +90 (232) 311 5225
Prof.Dr. Okan AKYOL +90 (232) 311 1826
Prof.Dr. Zafer TOSUNOĞLU +90 (232) 311 3828
Prof.Dr. Celâlettin AYDIN +90 (232) 311 5213
Prof.Dr. Gülnur METİN +90 (232) 311 1299
Prof.Dr. Vahdet ÜNAL +90 (232) 311 5226
Prof.Dr. Akın T. İLKYAZ +90 (232) 311 3840
Prof.Dr. F. Ozan DÜZBASTILAR +90 (232) 311 5227
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Ali ULAŞ +90 (232) 311 5227
Assoc.Prof.Dr. M. Hakan KAYKAÇ +90 (232) 311 5348
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Tevfik CEYHAN +90 (232) 311 5212
Assoc.Prof.Dr. İlker AYDIN +90 (232) 311 4098
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Ozan SOYKAN +90 (232) 311 4098
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Aytaç ÖZGÜL +90 (232) 311 4101
Lecturer.Dr. Huriye GÖNCÜOĞLU +90 (232) 311 1299


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