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Fish Diseases Section

Head of Section: Prof.Dr. Halil ŞEN

There is one professor, two research assistants with PhD degree and one research assistant with MsC degree as the academic staff of the section of Fish Diseases. The section  of Fish Diseases provides applied educations on undergraduate, graduate and post graduate (MSc and PhD) levels about the diagnosis, treatments and prevention of viral, parasitic and fungal diseases of all kinds of aquatic organisms.

Our section carries out interdisciplinary research projects and programs using virology, bacteriology, parasitology, immunology, physiology, pharmacology and molecular biology techniques; and also provides educational or supervisor services to the private sector and the public organizations in order to support their reproductive activities and to solve their problems.

There is a laboratory of our section in Bornova campus, which has bacteriology, parasitology, virology, immunology and molecular biology infrastructures and where related research and applied trainings are carried out and there is also an experimental animal application laboratory in the Urla campus, which provides services on the similar issues.

Our aim is to provide applied education to all our undergraduate and graduate students using up to date data, and to support public and private institutions that provide added value in aquaculture, with our research and infrastructure as the section of diseases.


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Name Phone
Res Assist.Dr. Uğur DEĞİRMENCİ +90 (232) 311 4096
Res.Assist.Dr. Egemen NEMLİ +90 (232) 311 4095
Res. Assist.Dr.Ulviye KARACALAR +90 (232) 311 4094


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