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Aquaculture Department

Fish Disease Section

Head of Section: Prof.Dr. Haşmet Çağırgan

In this program viral, bacterial and parasitic diseases and their treatments methods of cultured fish such as rainbow trout, sea bass and sea bream, etc.. and other aquatic organisms are studies and educated at undergraduate level and also, both MSc. and Ph.D. education is maintained in in this program. 

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Name Phone
Prof.Dr. Haşmet ÇAĞIRGAN +90 (232) 311 5223
Res.Dr. Uğur DEĞİRMENCİ +90 (232) 311 4096
Res.Dr. Egemen NEMLİ +90 (232) 311 4095
Res. Ulviye KARACALAR +90 (232) 311 4094


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