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Marine and Inland Waters Sciences and Technology Department

Inland Waters Sciences Section


Head of Section: Prof.Dr. Murat ÖZBEK

The section of inland waters sciences, issues all types of waters except seas of our country. The types that include lakes, dam lakes and rivers play an important role. Moreover, caves, mountain and glacial lakes, wetlands, temporary waters, saline lakes and lagoons are also the habitats that are searched. As a matter of subject, projects and research have been done based on these places’ hydrography, their physicochemical features, biological diversity, their sustainable management. The team of the section consist of three main groups. These are; plankton, benthos, and fishery crews. The team’ s working area has not only been limited by Ege Region. They have also done research in almost all of our country, enabling new scientific outputs for literature of the world. A longside with the scientific project, members of the section has produced class-books for education and schooling. The books are still among the materials of our faculty as well as they are essentials for the other faculty of fishery. To educate the students more efficiently, planned trips to rivers and lakes have been made for years in order to intensify the learning progress. The section of inland waters sciences has two laboratories for research. Gained by Project and field work (or research), biological materials can be well studied for limnological research with several equipment in laboratories. The members of the section and their assistants have successfully conducted projects that either the university supported or the public did. In recent terms, especially about the topics of basin managements have contributed for the large-scale projects that are done in our country, giving an emphasis on studies of ecology. The scientists of the section of inland water studies, so far, have been identified new species (sp. Nov.), contributing new records for science. Collected and identified new species are kept in the Museum of Faculty of Fisheries (ESFM). Gathered from different parts of our country, over 46000 specimens have been deposited in the museum of the faculty of fisheries. Almost the 65% of the identified freshwater fish species from Turkey are stored in the museum. The section of the inland waters sciences, has aimed to protect our inland waters’ sustainability and its diversity. It will continue to support the projects that has been done or will be done with its scientific background.

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Name Phone
Prof.Dr. Hasan M. SARI +90 (232) 311 2411
Prof.Dr. Murat ÖZBEK +90 (232) 311 3829
Prof.Dr. Seray YILDIZ +90 (232) 311 3826
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Ali İLHAN +90 (232) 311 2853
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Ayşe TAŞDEMİR +90 (232) 311 1718
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Esat Tarık TOPKARA +90 (232) 311 3801
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Cem AYGEN +90 (232) 311 1732
Res.Dr. Didem ÖZDEMIR MIS +90 (232) 311 5347
Res.Dr. Irmak KURTUL +90 (232) 311 2855


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