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Faculty of Fisheries

International Agreements



University Country Duration Language Agreement document
Uni. of Algarve (P FARO 02) Portugal 2014-2021 Portugese - English B2* Click
Uni. Del Salento (Lecce) (I LECCE 01) Italy 2014-2021 Spanish B1 Click
Universiteit Gent (B GENT 01) Belgium 2014-2021 English B2 Click
Szent Istvan University (HU GODOLLO 01) Hungary 2014-2021 Hungarian B2 - English B2 Click
Universidad de Alicante (E ALICANT 01) Spain 2014-2021 Spanish B1 Click
West Pomerian Uni. Of Technology (PL SZCZECI 02) Poland 2014-2021 English B1 Click
Firenze University (I FIRENZE 01) Italy 2014-2021 Italian B1 Click
Oviedo Uni. (E OVIEDO 01) Spain 2018-2021 Spanish B1 - English B1 Click
Lodz University (PL LODZ 01) Poland 2015-2021 English B2 - Polish B2 Click
Technological Educational Ins. of Western Greece (G PATRA 06) Greece 2016-2021 English B1 Click
The "Ion Ionescu de la Brad" University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine (RO IASI 03) Romania 2017-2021 Romanian A2-English B1 Click
Juraj Dobrila University of Pula (HR PULA 01) Croatia 2019-2021 English B2 Click
Universidad de Girona (E GIRONA 02) Spain 2014-2021 Spanish B1 - English B1 Click
The University of Helsinki (SF HELSINK01) Finland 2017-2021 Finnish B2 - English B2 Click


For more information, please visit Ege University International Relations Office.


Bilateral Agreements

University Country Duration Agreement document
Sarajevo University, Agricultural and Food Sciences Faculty Bosnia Herzigovinasek From 2013 Click
Badji Mokhtar Annaba University Algeria From 2016 Click
Urmia University Iran 2018-2023 Click
Federal University of Rio Grande Institute of Oceanography Brasil 2019-2024 Click
IBN ZOHR University, Faculty of Sciences Morocco From 2019 Click
Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology Japan From 2019 Click
University of Tunis El Manar Tunisia 2020-2025 Click