Çerez Örnek

Museum of Ege University Faculty of Fisheries (ESFM)

The ESFM is registered to the Smithsonian Institute's Registry of Biological Repositories since January 2010. The museum collection contains aquatic creatures collected from Turkey since 1930's. There are approximately 4100 species, including 154 inland fishes, 120 marine fishes, 300 phytoplankton, 50 sponges, 1010 Annelids, 900 Mollusca, 1220 Arthropoda and 300 other invertebrates. ESFM's inland water fish collection contains ~46,000 individuals collected from various habitats in 26 river basins of Turkey. 154 of 236 inland fish species (65% of the total fauna) Turkey's inland fish fauna is preserved in the collection.

The museum collection also includes 31 new species (Holotype, Paratype, and Neotype) discovered by researchers of our faculty. One of them is a fish and the others are invertebrate species.  

Great number of invertebrate species collected from Turkish seas stored in the museum. For example, 95% of Polychaeta species and 80% of Crustacea and Mollusca found in our country's coasts are preserved. Most specimen were used as comparison material by scientific researchers around the world. Some specimen are also used as sample material in the laboratories of lectures at the faculty. Our main goal is to preserve individuals belonging to all species living in Turkish waters in accordance with international standards, to make contribution to scientific studies, to improve education in our faculty and to raise public awareness of our biological diversity and richness.

More than 75 international articles (55 SCI) were published from museum materials. In addition, Biological materials of master's and doctoral dissertations held at the Aquaculture Basic Science Department at the Institute of Natural and Applied Sciences are also stored in the museum. 

Head of Museum: Prof. Dr. Melih Ertan ÇINAR

e-mail: esfm@mail.ege.edu.tr

Tel: 0 (232) 3111734

Address: Ege Universitesi, Su Urunleri Fakultesi, Temel Bilimler Bolumu, Bornova-Izmir, Turkey, 35100



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Group Codes

No. Group Name CODE Researcher E-mail
1 ALGAE ALG  Tufan KORAY  tufan.koray@ege.edu.tr
2 ALGAE (Inland Waters) ALGI    
3 AMPHIBIA   AMP  Ertan TAŞKAVAK  ertan.taskavak@ege.edu.tr
4 AVES AVS  Ertan TAŞKAVAK  ertan.taskavak@ege.edu.tr
5 BIVALVIA (Marine) BIV  Alper DOĞAN  alper.dogan@ege.edu.tr
6 BIVALVIA (Inland Waters) BIVI  Murat ÖZBEK  murat.ozbek@ege.edu.tr
7 BRACHIOPODA BRA  Bilal ÖZTÜRK  bilal.ozturk@ege.edu.tr
8 BRANCHIOPODA BRN  Didem ÖZDEMİR  didem.ozdemirmis@ege.edu.tr
9 BRYOZOA BRY  Melih Ertan ÇINAR  melih.cinar@ege.edu.tr
10 CAUDOFOVEATA CAU  Bilal ÖZTÜRK  bilal.ozturk@ege.edu.tr
11 CEPHALOCHORDATA CEC  Melih Ertan ÇINAR  melih.cinar@ege.edu.tr
12 CEPHALOPODA CEP  Alp SALMAN  alp.salman@ege.edu.tr
13 CHAETOGNATHA CHA  İsmet ÖZEL  ismet.ozel@ege.edu.tr
14 CIRRIPEDIA CIR  Melih Ertan ÇINAR  melih.cinar@ege.edu.tr
15 CNIDARIA CNI  Melih Ertan ÇINAR  melih.cinar@ege.edu.tr
16 COPEPODA (Marine) COP  İsmet ÖZEL  ismet.ozel@ege.edu.tr
17 COPEPODA (Inland Waters) COPI  Cem AYGEN  cem.aygen@ege.edu.tr
18 CTENOPHORA CTE  İsmet ÖZEL  ismet.ozel@ege.edu.tr
19 ECHINODERMATA ECH  Melih Ertan ÇINAR  melih.cinar@ege.edu.tr
20 ECHIURA ECR  Melih Ertan ÇINAR  melih.cinar@ege.edu.tr
21 FANEROGAMLAR PHA  Melih Ertan ÇINAR  melih.cinar@ege.edu.tr
22 FANEROGAMLAR (Inland Waters) PHAI    
23 GASTROPODA (Marine) GAS  Bilal ÖZTÜRK  bilal.ozturk@ege.edu.tr
24 GASTROPODA (Inland Waters) GASI  Murat ÖZBEK  murat.ozbek@ege.edu.tr
25 GASTROTRICHA GAT  Didem ÖZDEMİR  didem.ozdemirmis@ege.edu.tr
26 HEMICHORDATA HEC  Melih Ertan ÇINAR  melih.cinar@ege.edu.tr
27 HIRUDINEA HIR  Murat ÖZBEK  murat.ozbek@ege.edu.tr
28 INSECTA INS  Ayşe TAŞDEMİR  ayse.ozdemir@ege.edu.tr
29 MALACOSTRACA (Marine) MAL  Tuncer KATAĞAN  tuncer.katagan@ege.edu.tr
30 MALACOSTRACA (Inland Waters) MALI  Murat ÖZBEK  murat.ozbek@ege.edu.tr
31 MAMMALIA MAM  Ertan TAŞKAVAK  ertan.taskavak@ege.edu.tr
32 MONOPLACHOPHORA MNP  Bilal ÖZTÜRK  bilal.ozturk@ege.edu.tr
33 NEMATODA NMT  Melih Ertan ÇINAR  melih.cinar@ege.edu.tr
34 NEMERTINI NEM  Melih Ertan ÇINAR  melih.cinar@ege.edu.tr
35 OLIGOCHAETA OLG  Seray YILDIZ  seray.yildiz@ege.edu.tr
36 OSTRACODA (Marine) OST  İsmet ÖZEL  ismet.ozel@ege.edu.tr
37 OSTRACODA (Inland Waters) OSTI  Cem AYGEN  cem.aygen@ege.edu.tr
38 PHORONIDA PHO  Melih Ertan ÇINAR  melih.cinar@ege.edu.tr
39 PISCES (Marine) PIS  Okan ÖZAYDIN  okan.ozaydin@ege.edu.tr
40 PISCES (Inland Waters) PISI  Hasan Musa SARI  hasan.sari@ege.edu.tr
41 PLATYHELMINTHES PLT  Melih Ertan ÇINAR  melih.cinar@ege.edu.tr
42 POLYCHAETA POL  Melih Ertan ÇINAR  melih.cinar@ege.edu.tr
43 POLYPLACHOPHORA PLP  Bilal ÖZTÜRK  bilal.ozturk@ege.edu.tr
44 PORIFERA POR  Melih Ertan ÇINAR  melih.cinar@ege.edu.tr
45 PRIAPULIDA PRI  Melih Ertan ÇINAR  melih.cinar@ege.edu.tr
46 PROTOZOA PRO  Tufan KORAY  tufan.koray@ege.edu.tr
47 PYCNOGONIDA PYC  Tuncer KATAĞAN  tuncer.katagan@ege.edu.tr
48 REPTILIA REP  Ertan TAŞKAVAK  ertan.taskavak@ege.edu.tr
49 ROTIFERA ROT  Didem ÖZDEMİR  didem.ozdemirmis@ege.edu.tr
50 SCAPHOPODA SCP  Bilal ÖZTÜRK  bilal.ozturk@ege.edu.tr
51 SIPUNCULA SIP  Melih Ertan ÇINAR  melih.cinar@ege.edu.tr
52 SOLENOGASTRES SOL  Bilal ÖZTÜRK  bilal.ozturk@ege.edu.tr
53 TUNICATA TUN  Melih Ertan ÇINAR  melih.cinar@ege.edu.tr


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