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Numerical Information

Academic Staff
85 Academicians
29 Research Assistants
2 Lecturars)
2 Specialist
38 Officers

Total: 875
77 Doctorates
130 Post Graduates 
570 Formal Education Students
98 Evening Education Students

4 compounds
1 research lagoon 
1 research vessel ship
2 conference hall
1 lecture hall (Urla)
1 technical drawing classroom
1 computer implementation room
8 classrooms (Bornova), 2 classrooms (Urla)
6 educational laboratories (Bornova), 4 educational laboratories (Urla)

Research Projects
223 national research project (2010-2016)
14 Contracted Research with Industry (2010-2016)
7 European Union project partnership
2 Patent/Utility Model

Research Laboratories
Marine and Inland Water Sciences and the Technology Lab.
Fish Biology Research Lab.
Bio-jeochemistry Lab.
Bentology Lab.
Eco-toxicity Lab.
Chemistry Lab.
Limnology Lab.
Planktonology Lab.
Aquaculture Laboratories
Invertebrates Aquaculture Lab. (Urla)
Genetic ve Improvement Lab. 
Marine Fish Aquaculture and Fish Food Tech. Lab. (Urla)
Aquarium Lab.
Fish Diseases Lab. (Urla)
Inland Fish Aquaculture and Plankton Culture Lab.
Fish Capture and Seafood Processing Laboratories
Fish Biology Lab.
Fish Capture Tech. Lab.
Processing Technology Quality Control Chemistry Lab.
Processing Technology Microbiological Quality Control Lab.


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